Projection Signs

Maximise your appearance by incorporating projecting signs from your shop front or business. Wow your customers and the general public with your brand image.

Maximise Appearance

Projection signs allow your business to be seen on high streets and in built-up areas by potential customers. really make an impact on the general public and customer footfall.
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Bespoke Design

We supply all types of projection signs, from classic traditional iron brackets to modern fabricated and LED illuminating projecting signs. Just tell us what you envisage and we'll take care of the rest!

Night Vision

Make sure people can see your brand image round the clock by incorporating Internal LED illumination or LED trough lights. We can advise on some imaginative ways to make sure you light up through the night.
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Architectural Signage

When it comes to high-end architectural projection signs, we are the go-to signage manufacturer, supplying companies with signage for new and existing commercial buildings. .svg


We specialise in producing bespoke signage by taking conceptual ideas and turning them into reality


With over 30+ years industry experience we give our clients only the very best products and service, every time


Our qualified team can offer signage installation, maintenance and servicing. We’re here at every stage


Eye-catching built-up letters, stencil cut sign trays, illuminated signage and everything in between

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