Mecca Bingo

In 2023, we had the privilege of being selected as the Principal Contractor for the ambitious rebranding of Mecca Bingo in Leicester.

Mecca Bingo

This project showcased our ability to synergise our expertise across various domains – including external pressure cleaning, decoration, innovative LED lighting systems, and state-of-the-art signage.

Collaboration and Safety
Our collaboration with the site manager was pivotal in orchestrating our operations to ensure safety and minimise disruption. Our team’s meticulous planning and execution allowed us to work seamlessly around the customers, safeguarding the uninterrupted flow of the business’s daily activities.

The transformation began with a comprehensive makeover of the metal work on the canopy, windows, and doors encircling the building. The transition from blue to grey required meticulous preparation and respraying, significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the exterior.

Pressure Cleaning
The rejuvenation process included an extensive cleaning operation. The building’s cladding and stonework, along with all pathways and block paving, were professionally pressure cleaned. Following this, we applied weed-resistant sand, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and maintenance ease.

Canopy Lighting
A highlight of our project was the creation of a bespoke steel suspended lighting system installed under the canopy. This system utilised LED Cabochon fairground lighting, comprising 640 bulbs with Osram chips at 6500k. The result was a dramatic and inviting entrance that captivates visitors upon arrival.

Upper LED Building Lighting
The installation of over 100m of LED Visive lighting around the entire building significantly elevated the site’s night-time appearance. This strategic addition not only beautified the premises but also enhanced the overall ambiance, making it a real landmark in the evening.

We removed and recycled the old signage, replacing it with new, high-quality, sustainable options designed to last. This upgrade ensures that Mecca Bingo will continue to attract and welcome visitors with its refreshed and vibrant look for another decade.

This comprehensive rebranding project for Mecca Bingo Leicester is a testament to our commitment to excellence, combining aesthetic improvements with practical enhancements to revitalise and transform spaces for our clients.

We are now well underway with our next large scale rebrand project and cannot wait to bring you our next case study to read!
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